Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ILI Blog - Week 9 - the Engage Phase

What aspects of the Engage phase do you feel most and least confident about? Describe an "aha" moment you had this week, if any.

The engage phase also seems pretty straightforward, though it also feels a bit less deeply structured than previous phases, possibly because so much of what you have to do in this phase is so dependent on planning from the previous phase and the details of the instructional interaction.

I appreciate the reminder of figure/ground and asking myself "What do I want learners to notice?" I feel like I have a decent design sense, but being more conscious of this aspect I'm sure would help. The discussion on the important facets of visual design was helpful in outlining a range of components to consider, things I have heard before but were well tied in to instruction specifically.

I really like Gagné's Events of Instruction, and feel like they'll be a really useful way to make sure I'm covering all of the instructional bases for a lesson, especially as I'm so new to teaching.

And the pitch and persona discussion was also helpful, because I do worry sometimes about suppressing myself to fit some mold, when I should be tailoring myself to the learning community in a way that will best communicate the instructional message.

Like with the previous phases, this one seems pretty straightforward, but it will take some using and going through it to feel more comfortable with it.

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